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How do I get a quote?

You may get a quote at any time on our site by simply clicking on “Get a Quote” or you may call us at 1-888-813-4UCM (826).

What about Insurance?

In case the unexpected occurs, all of our carriers carry premium full coverage insurance in compliance with the Department of Transportation. In the unlikely event that your vehicle is damaged, the minimum insurance coverage provided to our customers by our carriers has a $50,000 to $250,000 limit with a $0 dollar deductible. If your vehicle is being shipped Enclosed, the limit increases to $100,000 to $500,000 depending on the carrier.

In the unlikely event that damage is caused by your assigned carrier, your vehicle(s) will be insured with no deductible. By law, every carrier must carry a minimum of $750,000 public liability insurance as well as general cargo insurance. The moment the carrier takes possession of your vehicle he assumes liability. United Auto Movers pre-screens all of our network carriers and require to be listed as certificate holders directly from their insurance agent. If your vehicle is damaged in transit, please call our customer service team.

How long will the transport take?

Transit times can vary for each individual transport. It is contingent on your assigned carriers load. Below is general estimate for transit times.

Coast to Coast +2700mi 5-10 Days

Interstate +2000mi 4-7 Days

Medium Distance +1000mi 2-6 Days

Short Distance -1000mi 1-4 Days

What do I do if my vehicle arrives damaged?

Please report all damages to the driver before signing the condition report and accepting your vehicle. All damages must be noted by the driver on the condition report at the time of delivery. Any claims related to such noted damage must be submitted in writing to the transporter.

What is an oversize fee?

Some vehicles are larger in size than ordinary passenger cars. i.e. Trucks & SUV’s. These vehicles take up the space normally used by two vehicles therefore resulting in an additional fee.

What methods of payment does United Car Movers accept?

We accept credit cards, cashier’s check, money orders, electronic wire, and personal checks. All personal checks must be deposited prior to securing a pick up and or delivery.

How far in advance should I schedule my transport?

We recommend that you schedule your transport as soon as possible. This will help us schedule your move within a time frame that best suits your needs. We generally recommend that you schedule your move 1-3 weeks prior to requested date. However, arrangements can always be made to accommodate your needs.

Door-to-Door vs Terminal-to-Terminal?

The most common misconception in the industry is how your vehicle is transported. Door-to-Door* service means your vehicle is picked up at your door* and loaded onto a truck, which then delivers your vehicle to your door* at its destination. Terminal-to-Terminal service is when you drop off your vehicle at a designated terminal. Your vehicle is then transported from terminal to terminal on several trucks until it reaches its destination terminal where you're responsible to pick it up.

What is Door-to-Door?

Door-to-Door* service means your vehicle is picked up at your door* and loaded onto a truck, which then delivers your vehicle to your door* at its destination. In most cases your vehicle will be picked up and delivered at your door. However, some streets may be too narrow, have low over hanging trees, high street curbs, etc. Not to mentions different laws and regulations that prohibit carriers. Our drivers will make their best efforts to accommodate you and pick up the vehicle as close to your home as possible. You may be required to meet the driver in a large open parking lot nearby that is both safe and secure.

Do I have to be present when you pick-up or deliver my vehicle?

Yes, we request that you, or a designated person, be present upon pick up of your vehicle. An inspection is performed and the condition report must be signed. If you are not able to be there, please call our Customer Service at 1-888-813-4UCM (826).

General Guidelines

• Your vehicle must be operable. If it is not, additional fees or methods may apply.

• You must advise us of any modifications made to your vehicle such as 4x4 lift kit, camper shell, vehicle lowered, etc.

• Your vehicle may not exceed 7' in height unless previously discussed with your representative.

• On Open carriers your vehicle must have a minimum of 4” ground clearance to safely load and unload your vehicle. If you vehicle has less than 4” of ground clearance you may want to consider an enclosed carrier with a lift gate or extra long ramps.

• We must have proper contact information where you may be reached throughout the duration of your vehicle relocation.

How do I prepare my vehicle?

• The vehicle may not have any obvious fluid leaks.

• Your battery must be secured within its mounting bracket.

• The vehicle must be clean in order to perform a reliable inspection. A dirty vehicle decreases the quality of the inspection.

• The gas tank must have a minimum of (1/8) tank of fuel, but no more than (1/4) tank of fuel.

• All alarm systems must be disconnected, disabled, or turned off.

• Radios, cassette decks or CD players not built in, car phones, garage door openers, and EZ Turnpike passes must be removed.

• All antennas must be fully retracted or removed.

• All personal belongings must be removed.

• All exterior items such as a spare tire cover, grill cover, or car cover must be removed.

• Plants and other hazardous materials are forbidden by law to be transported.

• One set of ALL keys for the vehicle must be provided.

• Non-permanent rack systems such as luggage racks, bike racks, or ski racks must be removed.

• Make sure your vehicle is prepared for the new climate. This may include engine coolant, transmission oil, and other fluids.

How do I check the status of my order?

You can track your vehicle online by visiting our website. Our online vehicle tracking system makes locating your vehicle easy and convenient. You can also call our customer service team at 1-888-813-4UCM (826).

How soon can you pick up my vehicle?

We know life can be full of surprises. If you need your vehicle transported last minute, don’t panic. Simply call one of our transport coordinators. With a network of over 2000 carriers and access to over 6000 trucks, we can always locate one close by ready to transport your vehicle to your destination.

Can my vehicle be stored?

Yes, we can locate a nearby towing terminal for you at no extra charge. You will however be responsible for any storage fees incurred.

Can I ship some items in the vehicle?

United Auto Movers does not allow any personal belongings in the vehicle. Items left in the vehicle are not insured. It is against the law for auto transport carriers to transport anything except an automobile. Our network carriers are subject to inspection by the DOT and the Police at every state line and can be fined up to $10,000 if found to be carrying household goods. The car is subject to being impounded and all fines and expenses will be passed along to the owner. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES CAN THE CAR CONTAIN FIREARMS, HAZARDOUS MATERIALS, ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES, EXPLOSIVES, OR CONTRABAND.

How do I pay?

A portion of your move is paid upfront upon booking. The remaining balance is due directly to your assigned network carrier upon pick up or delivery. Network carriers will only accept certified funds. i.e. cash, cashier’s check, bank check, or money orders.

Why should I use an agent?

Transporting your vehicle can be an overwhelming task. Choosing the right company can save you time, money, and frustration. United Car Movers has a network of our 2000 carriers with over 6000 trucks nationwide. We fill trucks that are moving and require only one or two slots to fill their load. This way, your vehicle is picked up and delivered expeditiously for the lowest possible price. This also means that your vehicle will not be unloaded and reloaded at terminals throughout the country. Therefore minimizing the handling of your vehicle and reducing the possibility of damage.

Suppose your carrier is running late or broken down somewhere, our network gives us the opportunity to re-assign your vehicle to another carrier nearby and ready to load. Suppose you had an order directly with the carrier that is delayed, you would be forced to wait for the truck to arrive or for the carrier to dispatch another truck. Most carriers are small owner operators and simply don’t have the resources to accommodate you in the unlikely event of a long delay such as mechanical problems, etc.

There are several other advantages to using our services as opposed to contracting a carrier directly, should you have any further questions, please call us at 1-888-813-4UCM (826).


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