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Shipping Requirements:

1. Booking # (Obtained by our dispatchers once the order is complete.)

2. Copy of Title (Or original letter of authorization from the Financial Institution, if financed.)

3. Pre-payment (By Certified Check, Money Order, or Wire.)

4. Driver License (owner), if owner is not present a notarized letter of authorization must also be provided.

5. Non running vehicles will pay an additional $150.00 fee.

6. No additional items may be left inside the vehicle or there will be a minimum additional cost of $300 depending on the cargo. United Car Movers or its agents will not be held responsible for any missing items.

Customers shipping from San Juan also require the following:

7. Vehicle registration.

8. Certificate from Department of Motor Vehicles indicating vehicle is free of fines (valid for 2 days).

9. A $10.00 voucher from Internal Revenue Department (Colecturia). Stamps are not accepted.

10. Receipt showing vehicle has been pressure washed (motor, undercarriage, and exterior).

11. If owner is not present, a Notarized Letter of Authorization from a Puerto Rico based Lawyer or Power of Attorney

is needed. If owner is in the states than original Notarized Letter from a United States Lawyer can be used.

12. Motor Vehicle Exportation Certificate from Division of Stolen Vehicles.

13. There may be an additional charge of $50.00 if USDA inspects and requires re-washing of the vehicle.

***In Jacksonville and Port Everglades there are five calendar days of free time to pick up vehicle.

***In San Juan there are seven calendar days of free time to pick up vehicle.

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